Granny Dating Truths Exposed!

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hot granny dating

hot granny dating

So, you heard from a friend of a friend that your 27 year old mate is having a relationship with a much older woman – she’s 47! He’s young enough to be her son! I hear you gossiping about it with your friends, but if only you knew the truth…

He’s only after her money, I hear you say. You’ve heard that her husband died and left her with a bit of money, so that’s why he’s dating her. If only you knew that the 47 year old GILF had been sleeping with your 27 year old friend since well before her husband died… Their marriage had been over for a while, and in fact, he actually knew about her affair. He condoned it. He knew it made her happy, and he couldn’t sexually satisfy her anymore.

Do you think it’s disgusting? Your young mate having sex with a much older woman – a women old enough to be his mother? Why do you think that? Because she has an older body? Because she has wrinkles? Sagging skin? Well, that 47 year old goes to the gym more often than your 20-something girlfriend, and she looks much better in a bikini too!

He’s only in it for the sex, I hear you say. You young lads make me laugh with your misconceptions. Plus, why do you think he’s only in it for the sex? Don’t you think she’s only doing it for the sex as well? I’d say that was a perfect match – she wants nookie all the time, he wants nookie all the time, it works perfectly, don’t you think? After years of boring sex with her husband, your 27 year old friend is a breath of fresh air for her, and they are BOTH reaping the benefits that brings!

It won’t last, I hear you say. Who cares if it doesn’t? She’s not looking for marriage because she’s already been married, and he’s definitely not looking to settle down at any point soon. Why does it matter that it won’t last? They both know the deal, and surely that’s all that matters?

But they won’t have anything in common, right? I hear you say that too. Again, who cares? They’re not looking to get married, they are just having some fun. She wants someone to help her explore everything sex has to offer, and he has the libido to offer just that. Plus, why does a 20-year age gap mean they can’t have anything in common? Your 27 year old friend likes the Batman movies, and so does his 47 year old lover. Isn’t that something in common?

It’s just unnatural. He’s young, she’s old, that’s not how relationships work… Right?

Biologically, you’re wrong again! A woman reaches her sexual peak at a much older age than most men hit theirs. For the guys, it’s in the 20’s, but for the ladies, it can be in her 30’s and even later. When you take hormones into consideration, you have a recipe for success with two people as horny as each other. How is that so unnatural?

The point I’m trying to make to you here is that I am that 47 year old woman. And your friend is my 27 year old lover. And there are 101 reasons why we make the perfect match. You might look down your nose at this relationship, but until you’re in it, you can’t know how happy we make each other. Whether we last or not, we spend each moment together laughing, and we have the best sex of both your lives.

How many of you can say that? If you are open minded enough to want to have the time of your life, check out one of really popular granny dating sites, like or and go and bag yourself a GILF. You won’t regret it!

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5 First Date Ideas to Knock Your GILF’s Socks off!

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gilf dating

gilf dating

You’ve met a gorgeous granny slapper on a hot granny dating site and now you want to woo this beautiful granny you have in front of you, yes? Well, ‘woo’ is probably too strong a word, right guys? You don’t want to woo her, you just want to know how she feels in bed. You want to know what your granny’s mouth can do around your manhood, or how fantastic it feels when she slowly slides herself on to you…

Are you sufficiently warmed up now? Yes? That’s good, I really wanted to get the juices flowing.

The aim of the game here gentleman, is to arouse your imagination. In order to impress your granny in the hope she’ll hop in the sack with you later, you’re going to need to think outside the box a little. A trip to McDonald’s, and a Happy Meal in the back of your car isn’t going to cut it here, I’m afraid. You’re going to need to get a little bit more inventive than that.

Why not try a few these inventive first date ideas to knock your GILF’s socks off, and get things off to a great start for once?

1 – The Upfront Approach

Right, if you just want sex with your GILF, and she’s made it pretty clear she’s up for sex with you, there’s nothing wrong with suggesting a night at yours with a bottle of a wine and a movie. You can pick from your extensive DVD collection, and either watch or not watch that movie. What’s the point in beating around the bush with dinner at a fancy restaurant if neither of you are interested in all that crap to start with?

2 – The Dinner Approach

If you’re gong to take her to dinner, which most older ladies do really appreciate by the way, make sure you’ve done your research on the restaurant beforehand. Don’t just pick Aladdin’s Palace because it’s the first result that comes up in Google, especially if it’s only got one star out of five in over a hundred reviews. Think about it. Do you really think she’s going to be happy with some dirty greasy spoon on your first date? What kind of impression do you think your GILF will have of you?

3 – The Movie Approach

Don’t take her to a movie. You can watch at movie at yours or hers, but you can’t go to the cinema. What’s the point? You’ll just sit there for a couple of hours in silence, surrounded by other people all sitting there in silence. Don’t you want to have sex with this woman later?

Rather than take her to a movie, take her to a different kind of date. Find out what she likes. Ask her questions. Does she like bowling? What’s so wrong with bowling? A few of my younger dates have taken me bowling on our first date, and with the drinks and the arcade games, it’s nice to be a big kid for a couple of hours!

4 – The Historic Approach

This one is always a great one if you want some time to really talk and get to know your GILF before you show her your best moves later. Most big city’s in the UK have a cathedral or a castle in which you can browse and wander. Why not head there? Enjoy the gardens, and see the sights? Or head to a museum, if you’re lucky enough to live near one? You’ll be amazed at how great the local tourist attractions really are, and you could have lunch, go for a few drinks, or spend the rest of the day however you like. It’s a great, thoughtful approach to take. Plus, who knows what a bit of fresh air could do for you both! 😉

5 – The Drinks Approach

If you’d rather have a couple of drinks to loosen up your tongue, and get a chance to really real around your new hot granny, try not to pick a place that will be to crowded. You want to get to know her, but you don’t want everyone else in the club to get to know her too. It should be like an intimate little wine bar over a packed pub or club. If you’re stuck for ideas, you could always ask for her recommendations on a place. At least then it looks like you care about what she thinks.

Of course, you want to make a great impression, so the less ‘cliche’ your date, the better the first impression she’ll have of you. Candlelit dinners are great and romantic, but if all she wants is to get you into bed, all that time and money will have been for nothing. Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with just going in for what you want! 🙂

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3 Reasons GILF’s Love a Younger Guy!

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Ladies, ladies, ladies. This one is for you – 6 reasons GILF’s love a younger guy….

free granny dating

free granny dating

For years, men have had it drummed into them that women generally (I use the term loosely) don’t go for younger guys. A 28-year old girl, for example, wouldn’t generally go for a guy 7 years her junior. These days, on the other hand, as a woman gets older and above a certain age, younger guys are, all of a sudden, much more desirable, opening a brand new dating door you may not have even considered before.

Cougars, MILF’s, GILF’s, Granny’s – whatever term you use for them (and you shouldn’t really generalise anyway), they are starting to realise what a fine, untapped resource these younger men are. They are starting to realise what new and exciting moves they could bring to the table. Don’t believe me? Take a peek at this…

Younger men are more energetic.

After years of missionary-position-style sex with an older husband, the thrill of sex in a new position with someone who is not only young and supple enough to give it a try, but also eager to, interested in trying new things and having new experiences.

When was the last time your 50-year old husband asked you for sex in the back of your car one dark night? Exactly. The younger guy has no qualms about asking for just that. Who knows what new experiences you could have this year?

Not just buzzing with energy in the bedroom, the younger man has so much excitement to give out of it, giving you the opportunity to try so many new things you wouldn’t have otherwise tried. Who knew that a night in a crowded club, slightly drunk, dancing the night away could be so exhilarating? It’s not something you’re going to want to do on a daily basis, of course (who could handle those hangovers?), but every now and again, what is so wrong with letting your hair down?

Younger men are in their prime.

That’s right – a 20-something lad is going to have many more hormones racing through their body than 50-something man. Do you know what those hormones do? They make him want to have sex – all the time – every minute, of every day. They are racing to get you in the sack, and are willing to do whatever it takes to get you there. What’s the point in wasting that lust, that passion? Think of the fun you could do with that cute, younger guy with a smile that makes your heart melt… and your pants moist! 😉

Younger men aren’t looking for love.

Most young guys are well aware that the relationship they have with you is not really likely to be a long-lasting one. This works in much the same way as you should be aware your relationship with him is never going to result in marriage, babies, and a happy ever after. You’ve had your babies, and he’s not ready for all that yet.

You might ask yourself what is the point of having a relationship with someone you know will never go anywhere? The point is that you will have some great sex; sex that will blow your mind. You’ll have new life experiences and try new things. You’ll go to new places. As much as your passionate affair with that 20-something will enhance his mind, it’ll open yours too. You both have something to bring to this relationship.

So come on ladies, what are you waiting for? If you’re sick of having bad sex with a man that can’t keep it up for you anymore, try something new – something outside the lines. Get in there and check out some of the amazing free granny dating sites and gilf dating sites that offer some amazing hook up opportunties for older women. You will be spoilt for choice!

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Some Tips On Dating Older Women If You Are a Man

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First of all, it is a fact that when two people feel that they have much in common, and they can come to terms with any differences that they may have, there is a good chance that a fruitful, and long standing relationship can come to exist.

When it comes to tips on dating older women for a much younger man, this might be one of the major points they must be realized. The amount of responsibility in any good relationship must be viewed by both parties as being fairly evenly distributed, or the relationship will have difficulty in lasting very long.

Gilf Dating

Gilf Dating

Some tips on dating older women might help your decision making process, as follows:

The problem that a significantly younger man, say with a difference of 20 years or so are so pronounced, that such a relationship very seldom lasts due to the vast differences two such individuals have.

First of all, a man that is that much younger, say 15 to 20 years, than the woman might feel like he is attempting to date his mother. There is probably that much cultural difference alone to make a romantic relationship seem improbable. From the woman’s standpoint, she has twice the live experience than the man and she may not be in the market of raising a son.

If the difference in age is only a few years, then there is not going to much of a problem, as long as the two individuals can establish common ground. On the whole, relationships have a difficult enough time under normal circumstances, so throwing the age factor in the mix is many times the straw that breaks the back of the camel.

If you are a man who is in the position of dating an older woman, you have to understand that you are walking on feeble ground, and you cannot possibly measure up to her experience and abilities, unless you are very unusual.

So what is unusual, you say. Well being very wealthy can help a lot. However, even that can be a problem. How will you ever know if she was really after your money, or if she actually loves you.

If the lady has any children from a former marriage, can you deal with the issue that perhaps some of her children might be older than you. You may not have a problem with that, but they might. Their attitude towards you will probably be one of protecting their mother from you. That can be a difficult obstacle to overcome.

Even though an older woman may have more life experience than you do as a younger man, she may have double the problems too. How equipped are you to deal with all of that. They may be emotional, financial, problems with children and relatives, and a whole host of things that you may not be ready for.

You will need to find out as much as you can about all of these areas before you get too serious. They will eventually come out, but don’t expect it all at once anyway. It should be naturally shared and the two of you will need to decide what is worth it, and what is not. Older women dating younger men can be an amazing experience. If you are interested in cougar dating or hot granny dating, check out a gilf dating site and have some fun!

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Some Problems With Dating Older Women For Men

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Men may have some problems with dating older women. First of all, it should be stated that many people date others that are of different ages, and there are many interpersonal skills that come into play in the determination of what kinds of relationships will work and with those that don’t.



When dating someone who is significantly older if you are a male, you may run into different cultural and view about life that you just aren’t ready to deal with. A lot will depend upon the number of years of difference with which you are dealing. It is really a small thing if there is two or three years difference in age, but if you are talking 15 to 20 years difference, the disparity can be striking.

For example if a woman in her mid forties is dating a man in his mid twenties, the man may feel like he is dating his mother. The lady is going to have twice the life experience that the man will have, and she will feel like she is in the process of raising a son. This is not an ideal situation in regard to two people feeling equal in a relationship.

Equality to some degree is very important for a relationship to succeed, otherwise a one-sided view of things begins to develop, which means that things will probably deteriorate fairly rapidly after the first rush of infatuation ceases to exist.

Every relationship between two people will eventually settle into some sort of state of practicality where each partner fits into a role. If the roles can be shared to some degree, then that can be the start of a healthy partnership or relationship. If one partner seems to be carrying more of their share of the load, whether it be emotional, financial or leadership, the relationship will probably not work well.

Most women who are of middle age are usually at the top of their game, and although a younger man may be alluring, they need to think twice because if the man is significantly younger, he hasn’t really begun to find his way. He may think he has, and that can be a part of the problem.

The togetherness that is exuded by the older woman is by the same token, alluring to a younger man, and he may think that her life experience and self -confidence will be enough for both of them to get by, but that is usually the wrong path for both of them.

Even if the younger man is very successful, it takes some maturity to handle the success, and adding an older woman to the mix may be too much. An older woman is really going to be looking for stability, which is something that it may take a younger, successful man a while to develop.

Having said all of that, this is not to say that such a relationship cannot work, but the odds that the problems with dating older women for the younger man will result in a long-lasting relationship are slim indeed. It can also be said that just a few years difference in age is not the problem, but the more years of difference will become more difficult the wider the spread of years. Check out which has some interesting articles on dating older women!

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Dating Older Women; A Blessing Or A Curse

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Dating is a challenging affair that many have tried and failed. True, love is magical, heavenly and all those other fancy words that can be used to describe that abstract feeling that you get once you are in a relationship with the woman or man of your dreams. However, the playing field isn’t always fair. This is especially so when talking of dating older women.

By older women, one would be quick to jump to the conclusion that this article is about dating cougars. Not entirely though as older is a very relative term and it could refer to a woman who is two to three years older than you or a cougar for that matter. Regardless of your understanding of the term, dating older women can be a treat and it can also weigh down on you at the same time.

Grab A Granny

Grab A Granny

Rather than entering into such a relationship blindly, we plead that you understand exactly what you are getting yourself into first. As such, we have compiled a number of factors that should give you a rough picture of what to expect in older women. The following are the things you should know upfront before dating older women.

o Children

Menopause is pretty much a reality like any other. Women naturally tend to lose their ability to conceive as they grow older. So falling in love with an older woman might shutter you dreams of becoming a biological dad if you aren’t already. Your options here are limited to either adoption or IVF treatment.
If you don’t fancy going through these obstacles with your woman then you should steer clear of older women. However, chances are high that she already has kids of her own and only wants someone to love and care for her.
o Sex

This is one department where older women outshine their younger counterparts. Sexually speaking, women become pros with age. In addition to being pros, an older woman wouldn’t shy from telling you exactly what they want, how they want it, and for how long they want it. You should therefore brace yourself for a surprise if you are used to dating younger women but the sex will be better.
o Strength Of Will

Older women tend to speak their mind whenever confronted with a tricky situation. She has already been through several relationships and has seen it all. The last thing she wants is a man to dictate her life. If you are up to the challenge of putting your ego aside for her to have her way a couple of times then you will have a great experience.
o Money

Money can be problematic in any relationship but when dating older women, money matters can be overwhelming. Scenario number one is that she earns more than you do; a thing that can damage your male ego. She might also be earning less but with greater responsibilities that you have to step in and take care of.

In conclusion, dating older women is a thing for the brave men who don’t get intimidated easily. However, you might have to tread carefully since she might only be interested in a fling as opposed to a serious relationship. She also knows men’s tricks so you just have to be honest and open to her lest you taint your relationship.

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Are Older Women Controlling Younger Men?

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There are many older women who are starting to get into relationships with men who are much younger than them. These women are often referred to as cougars because of the age difference between them. However, the difference in age has caused some people to wonder whether or not women are getting into relationships with younger men as a way to have more control in the relationship. After all, an older and more experienced man may not be willing to listen to everything a woman tells him to do.


So, are older women controlling younger men? There is a good possibility that some men are being controlled by these older ladies, but it is not necessarily true for every single situation. Not all women are looking to control a man in a relationship. In fact, some of these ladies prefer younger men because they feel as though they are still energetic, full of life and more exciting than a man who has already experienced different things in his own life.

The ladies who want to feel a bit young again, even if it is only at heart, often get into relationships with these younger men who catch their attention. The younger guys may be interested in someone who is older and more mature than the females they have been with at some point or another. Past relationships may not have lasted too long for them due to the immaturity of their former partner, thus causing them to seek out comfort and romance from an older woman who already has her life together and is much more sophisticated.

If both partners are willing to communicate and have a good time together, there does not need to be any type of control in the relationship whatsoever. In fact, there are plenty of relationships that are currently lasting a long time despite the age difference between the woman and the man who are dating one another.

Even though there are good women who have no interest in controlling their partners, there will always be some older women controlling younger men for different reasons. They may like to have that power over someone, telling him what to do and what not to do at all times. Although it may not seem fair at all, there are men who enjoy being controlled by their significant other. They may not know how to make any important decisions for themselves, and prefer to have a strong woman guiding them and helping them along the way.

If you see an older woman who happens to be in a relationship with someone who is much younger than her, never assume that she is controlling him and making all of the decisions. Although there is a possibility she has more of the control in the relationship, it is not always the case. Some people have managed to find love with another individual, even if there is a major age difference between the two of them.

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